My Website installation is asking me for MySQL database info?

Most Content Management Systems (CMS) powered Websites require MySQL database on installation. This database can be created using the following:

Video Tutorial

go to CPanel, then locate “MySQL Databases” panel.
1) create new Database (enter text like db or web)
2) create new USERname (enter text user name and password)
3) give rights for this (select Database User Name) over (select Database Name from drop-down menu), check give all rights.


Now, note that the username and database name have been prefixed by your CPanel username and underline. Make sure you copy that to the website installation prompt the exact same way.

If you still get error you then most probably you missed a step or you typed the username and database name without the correct prefix.

Common Pre-Sales Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to register for single account now. Will it be possible for me to upgrade it to multiple and how much will it cost?
A: Yes you can upgrade at any time. We will credit your remaining prepaid period and count it towards the upgrade. Just contact sales when you need to upgrade.

Q: If i begin with monthly billing cycle, can I change any time to quarterly or yearly?
A: Yes, sure, you can change that at any time, just remember to notify us via ticket to cancel the old subscription because all our subscriptions are recurring.

Q: Can I chose CMS to be installed on my account later on?
A: Yes we can install any CMS of your choice later on when you feel ready. You can even install them yourself with a one-click installation using our Softaculos Web Installer.

Q: Do you offer a free website migration?
A: Yes, we can move your website free of charge to your new account with us. Just open support ticket to request it.

Q: How many domains are you allowed to host on one account?
A: Depends on the package. Maia Single is only 1 domain, Maia Multiple (Five), the Semi Dedicated are limited to 50 domains, VPS and Dedicated packages are unlimited domains hosting.

Q: Can I host only a subdomain with your hosting? example my WordPress blog –
A: Yes, if you have control over your DNS zones you can create A record for this subdomain to point to us and use our services only for that subdomian/s. Note that the domain has to be either primary or add-on in order subdomain hosting to work properly.

Q: Can you install non-english CMS scripts as free installation?
A: Not exactly. We can install on some languages similar to English, but for example Chinese and others are too weird for us and we can’t help you. Our technical support staff speaks only English. You can install it yourself if you read the instructions carefully and we can guide you if you translate.

Q: Why the Central Processing Unit utilization?[/B]
A: CPU for short is the data processing industry standard measurement. Since software uses CPU to process website page generation we use the same unit to measure web hosting account shares.

Q: What is Shared Resources Cap?
A: Maia Single package is one equal share out of 200 accounts sharing the same server box. Maia Five is one out of 100.

Q: What is the allowed CPU share?
A: You are allowed to use your fair share of currently active CPU. Maia single is limited to 10,000 cpu seconds per day which means that if your website uses a lot of CPU time then you need to get the package that fits you right and leaves some room for growth.

Q: How fast are your web hosting servers ?
A: We invest the larger portion of the web hosting fee in highest quality server and networking equipment in order to provide you with the best possible service. All our servers are ULTRA-FAST and we guarantee fastest page loading speeds in the industry.

Q: What is the best deal right now?
A: Currently our pre-paid packages are cheapest. One year prepaid is about 50% cheaper compared to month-to-month payments. The longer the term the cheaper the price per month.

Q: I need custom hosting plan. Can you do it?
A: Yes, we can offer slight variations of the current plans based on what we have in stock. Please contact sales via live chat for more info.

Q: I need to have SSL certificate for my shopping cart. What do I need?
A: You need a) the SSL certificate itself and b) dedicated IP address for your account.

Q: Is dedicated IP included in the Maia Single or Multiple Packages?
A: No, dedicated IP is add-on purchased separately. It is only included in the VPS and Dedicated Packages by default.

Q: I would need dedicated ip address. How do I set it up?
A: We offer dedicated IPs as add-on to your accounts. They are charge $2 per month on top of your hosting package fee

Q: I am to buy more accounts with you. Can they be on separate Class C networks? (for SEO needs)
A: Yes, we can arrange that all your accounts (note accounts not domains) to be on separate servers.

Q: What brand of Server Harware is Maiahost using?
A: We’re premium partner with DELL. Most of our servers currently are top industry standard Dell Blade racked servers.

Q: Where are your servers/data center located?
A: Our DC is on the largest internet backbone in the Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA. We have optic backbone connections to all major ISPs in the world.

Common Domain Name Issues

Q: How can I find if my domain’s name servers are set correctly?
A: Go to name here) then scroll to NAME SERVERS section. If the name servers shown there are the ones we indicated in your Maiahost Account Information email, then the settings should be correct!

Q: The name servers shown are not the same as the account info email. What should I do?
A: If we are the domain registrars (you have the domain registered with us), then you should contact our “Domain Management” department via a support ticket from the clients area, otherwise you will have to contact the company where you purchased the domain name.

Q: How long does it take for a new domain to be accessible?
A: Usually few minutes, but if you already accessed that domain before registering it then it might take up to 2 days.

Q: How long does DNS Propagation Delay takes?
A: Depends on your local Internet Provider settings. Usually from about 6 hours up to 48 hours in some rare cases.

Uploading Website to the Server

Q: Where can I find my FTP information?
A: Your Account Information Email contains the root ftp username and password for your account. Note that the server host is your domain name and the port is 21 (standard).

Q: How can I set up new FTP account for my webmaster?
A: Go to CPanel->FTP Manager then Accounts You must enter username and password, as well as folder which this user will be able to see/upload files in. For website only access please use /public_htm/ or / for full access. Note additional ftp users can be created but they have the main domain name of your account added to the username example: Note that if you add ftp account to an Add-on domain then the ftp username will hold the MAIN domain name instead of the new domain.

Q: How can I upload my website files?
A: You have two options, to use FTP Client software (requires installation on your computer), or via the CPanel->Legacy File Manager web based ftp manager.

Q: Which FTP client you recommend?
A: We use FileZilla which can be downloaded free from

Q: Where should I upload my website files?
A: In most cases that will be the /public_html/ folder, all parent folders are NOT publicly visible!

Q: Do I need to change my file/folder permissions to 777 in order to be able to upload via PHP/CMS scripts?
A: No, we use system which does not require any permission changes. Our system requires files to be with 644 and folders with 755 permissions otherwise they will show 500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error and how to fix

Internal Server Errors are generally caused by incorrect File or Folder permission problems. Note that the files should be with 644 permissions (RW on User, R on group and internet) and folders must be with 755 (RWE on User and RE on group and internet). In all cases you should be able to find the exact error cause when you go to the CPanel->ErrorLog. Note that the latest errors are on top.

If you don’t know what to do to fix it, please open support request from our client’s area and a technician will help you fix it.

New Client Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just subscribed. What now?
A: Usually within few minutes after successful payment you should receive email with your hosting account information subject “Maiahost Account Information”. This email should include all your passwords for your account with us.

Q: How can I access the CPanel before switching my Domain Name’s name servers?
A: Please use the CPanel IP Address or Host Name link from the account information email.

Q: How can I access my account WWW. website before switching the name servers ?
A: You can do so by overriding your computer’s hosts file with the IP we provided you in the account information email. Read tutorial here

Q: How long does it take for a new registered domain name to be fully accessible?
A: If you haven’t accessed that URL before registering it, you should be able to access it immediately after receiving the account information email. Otherwise you may have DNS caching delay which takes up to 48 hours.

Q: How can I register new domain name with ?
A: Please open ticket to sales and include the domain name you want to register with us. Upon registration validation, we will provide you payment link and register it.

Q: Can I transfer my existing domain name/s to my account with
A: Yes you can if the domain is a .com, .net, .org, .info, .net , but the whole transfer takes up to 7-10 days. To request one please open support ticket from our clients area and provide us with the domain name Authorization Code and ensure it is UNLOCKED for transfer.

Q: Where should I upload my website files? To which FTP folder?
A: For the main domain on this account the public visible part is the /public_html/ folder. If you have Add-On domains then their root folders are selected by you during Add-On domain setup.

Q: I’ve added Add-On domain but can’t locate the website folder. Where should I store the files?
A: The root folder for addon domains are selected during the add-on process. You have two options: a) /public_html/addondomain/ or b) /addondomain/ in both cases you should be able to see them if you FTP the account.