How to develop website without pointing the domain over to new hosting account

How to develop website without pointing the domain over to new hosting account

If you run Windows (any version)

go Start Menu -> Run then type in the command:

notepad C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

you will see something like this:

# Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
# This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
# space.
# Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
# lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.
# For example:
#          # source server
#              # x client host       localhost

get the Maiahost Account Information email. Near the bottom of the email you will find something like:
FTP Instructions:

You can begin uploading your files immediately using:

Port: 21

The FTP Host address is the Shared IP Address number for your account. Copy that ip (on the example it is and then add a the following two lines where the domain name is your actual domain name not as we have it in the example:

That’s it You should be able to access it now!

The Maiahost Support Team.

Changing Domain Name Servers to web hosting account

What are Name Servers:

The name servers setting on the domain name is what points the domain name to resolve to a particular web hosting server. Each server has its’ own pair of name servers which are unique.

How to change your name servers:
In order to change the name servers you must login to the Domain Management account with your active domain name registrar (may be your old hosting company or domain registrars such as,, or others).

Alternative hosting option if you have DNS zone control option:
If you don’t want to point the name servers you must have DNS Zone Editing options. If so you can direct each entry to the IP address shown in your account and use CPanel->Subdomains *(Manager Tool) with the server settings on your account with us.

How to change Name Servers for registered domains

Login to your GoDaddy account
Click My Account
Click Manage Domains
Click on the domain name
Click the Nameservers icon that’s on top.
Click on Custom Name Servers
Change the Name Servers to the ones we’ve specified in the Maiahost Account Information welcome letter.

You’re done

After the change is done, you will not be able to immediately access the website/domain if you had previously accessed your website within the past 6-12 hours. This is called DNS re-caching delay. If you don’t want to wait you can try to force DNS refresh on your local computer.

How to Force DNS Cache update on Windows Computer:

go to your Desktop or Control Panel
select My Network Places and right click to see the sub-menu
click on Properties and a new menu will appear
select Local Area Connection (may be different if you don’t run shared internet with router) and hit the Repair button

NOTE: This will refresh your local dns cache, but if your Internet Provider has caching enabled then it may not update the proper dns values and you still won’t be able to access the website until the ISP dns cache is updated.

Content Management Systems

Q: What is CMS?
A: CMS is the short for Content Management System. This is basically a pre-made website software that you can modify/add text and images. Generally CMS is for everyone who does not know much about web development but wants to build own website.

Q: I see you offer different CMS software. Which one is the best?
A: There is no best or worst. Eeach CMS is made with a pupose. For example WordPress is developed as Blogging Software, Joomla is for Company websites, SMF is made for website forums, Gallery 2 for Photo Albums and so on. There are more than 100 different scripts that we offer.

Q: What is the best blogging script your company offers?
A: The most popular and easy to manage is WordPress. We also offer a bit more professional ones as TYPO3, but in general wordpress is considered the best.

Q: I want to build a small website for my company which CMS should I choose?
A: In general Joomla is very flexible and is suggested to companies.

Q: Is it possible to have both Joomla and WordPress on my account?
A: Yes, you can have up to 5 different scripts installed at a time. You can choose the main website one from the signup page and install the rest via the CPanel->Softaculos or contact our tech support team to install it for you.

Q: Can I install/remove CMS scripts on my own somehow?
A: Yes, we have the Softaculos CMS Installer/Remover and Updater inside CPanel. It offers 30 of the most popular CMS software. You can install, test and later on remove any script to your account.

Q: Can you move my existing CMS to my new account with maiahost?
A: Yes, if its PHP/MySQL then yes. We can transfer it free of charge, just open ticket to “website transfers” and well do it within few hours.

Automated Backups and Data Recovery Policy

Depending on your web hosting package we offer three types of backup policy:

On Shared Hosting Accounts we offer only one automated weekly backup done each Sunday morning. We keep 1 month (4 weeks) of data in our repository, therefore we can recover lost files up to a month old.

On Maia Semi-Dedicated and SD Advanced plans we perform 3 backups each Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. We keep 1 month old data.

On VPS and Dedicated Server Packages, you can define your own automated backup policy from minimum once a week to once a day each day. Data retention can be done based on backup storage space available.

NOTE: VPS servers have extra layer of protection. All the data is weekly backed up on a remote backup devices.

Additionally all servers are RAID 1 configured with separate backup hard drives to ensure absolutely no data losses due to hardware failures.
Closed, private data center facilities Extensive data center security procedures Fault-tolerant power redundancy Multiple industrial-grade generators APC-powered battery infrastructure Liebert temperature-controlled server environment N+1 redundancy Multiple levels of technical staff on premises

Cron Job Automated Process Scheduling

Q: What are Cron Jobs?
A: This automated scheduler able to run a specific script/s at a predefined time frequency – minimum each 5 minutes, maximum each day.

Q: What is the best way to run PHP scripts using Cron Jobs from CPanel
A: Use the php -q /home/(username)/public_html/(filename example cron.php). Note that if you use lynx http://www.(domain).com/(script) will NOT run properly!

Q: What is the minimum time occurrence I can use?
A: We recommend one each hour to be the most frequent especially for longer processes. We had clients run processed more often but they sometimes overlap and overload the server.

Can you register or transfer international domain names.

Currently our corporate account does not offer the registration and management of such domains as they require citizenship for that particular country or region in order to be eligible for registration. We can register and transfer only non-country specific domains. Note that price for transfer/renewal is different for each extension!

If you want to host international domains with us you can do so but your domain names must be managed in your own account with Godaddy or other registrars.

How to: Backup MySQL Database

Go to CPanel->PHPMyAdmin then find the database name from the drop down menu and select it. You will see the current database tables and data on the left. From the tabs on the right Click on EXPORT, then select as FILE. You can do also ZIP Archive — for larger databases.

This process may take from few seconds up to minutes depending on the size of your database and number of rows.

You should be prompted to save a file containing this archive when the export data process is finished. If you get timeout error please try again, if that does not work contact the Server Administrators for manual backup.

Common Pre-Sales Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to register for single account now. Will it be possible for me to upgrade it to multiple and how much will it cost?
A: Yes you can upgrade at any time. We will credit your remaining prepaid period and count it towards the upgrade. Just contact sales when you need to upgrade.

Q: If i begin with monthly billing cycle, can I change any time to quarterly or yearly?
A: Yes, sure, you can change that at any time, just remember to notify us via ticket to cancel the old subscription because all our subscriptions are recurring.

Q: Can I chose CMS to be installed on my account later on?
A: Yes we can install any CMS of your choice later on when you feel ready. You can even install them yourself with a one-click installation using our Softaculos Web Installer.

Q: Do you offer a free website migration?
A: Yes, we can move your website free of charge to your new account with us. Just open support ticket to request it.

Q: How many domains are you allowed to host on one account?
A: Depends on the package. Maia Single is only 1 domain, Maia Multiple (Five), the Semi Dedicated are limited to 50 domains, VPS and Dedicated packages are unlimited domains hosting.

Q: Can I host only a subdomain with your hosting? example my WordPress blog –
A: Yes, if you have control over your DNS zones you can create A record for this subdomain to point to us and use our services only for that subdomian/s. Note that the domain has to be either primary or add-on in order subdomain hosting to work properly.

Q: Can you install non-english CMS scripts as free installation?
A: Not exactly. We can install on some languages similar to English, but for example Chinese and others are too weird for us and we can’t help you. Our technical support staff speaks only English. You can install it yourself if you read the instructions carefully and we can guide you if you translate.

Q: Why the Central Processing Unit utilization?[/B]
A: CPU for short is the data processing industry standard measurement. Since software uses CPU to process website page generation we use the same unit to measure web hosting account shares.

Q: What is Shared Resources Cap?
A: Maia Single package is one equal share out of 200 accounts sharing the same server box. Maia Five is one out of 100.

Q: What is the allowed CPU share?
A: You are allowed to use your fair share of currently active CPU. Maia single is limited to 10,000 cpu seconds per day which means that if your website uses a lot of CPU time then you need to get the package that fits you right and leaves some room for growth.

Q: How fast are your web hosting servers ?
A: We invest the larger portion of the web hosting fee in highest quality server and networking equipment in order to provide you with the best possible service. All our servers are ULTRA-FAST and we guarantee fastest page loading speeds in the industry.

Q: What is the best deal right now?
A: Currently our pre-paid packages are cheapest. One year prepaid is about 50% cheaper compared to month-to-month payments. The longer the term the cheaper the price per month.

Q: I need custom hosting plan. Can you do it?
A: Yes, we can offer slight variations of the current plans based on what we have in stock. Please contact sales via live chat for more info.

Q: I need to have SSL certificate for my shopping cart. What do I need?
A: You need a) the SSL certificate itself and b) dedicated IP address for your account.

Q: Is dedicated IP included in the Maia Single or Multiple Packages?
A: No, dedicated IP is add-on purchased separately. It is only included in the VPS and Dedicated Packages by default.

Q: I would need dedicated ip address. How do I set it up?
A: We offer dedicated IPs as add-on to your accounts. They are charge $2 per month on top of your hosting package fee

Q: I am to buy more accounts with you. Can they be on separate Class C networks? (for SEO needs)
A: Yes, we can arrange that all your accounts (note accounts not domains) to be on separate servers.

Q: What brand of Server Harware is Maiahost using?
A: We’re premium partner with DELL. Most of our servers currently are top industry standard Dell Blade racked servers.

Q: Where are your servers/data center located?
A: Our DC is on the largest internet backbone in the Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA. We have optic backbone connections to all major ISPs in the world.