Maiahost eMail Server Client configuration

example domain:

Please note that you have AUTOMATIC email client configuration in your WEBMAIL account. To access this just go to and you’ll see it on the lower left corner.

Standard Email Connection Settings:

incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:

on more settings:

Outgoing Server: My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication SMTP. Mark below same as incoming email server.

On Advanced: pop3:110, stmp:25, Type Of Encrypted Connection: NONE

For Encrypted Email Connection Settings:

use server name on all instead of your domain name.

Please NOTE that if you can’t SEND emails on standard port 25 then most probably your ISP blocked you. To fix this please change the port from 25 to 26 and reload your Outlook. This setting should allow you to send emails normally.

That should be all.

Server Hardware and Software Configuration

Standard Server Configuration:

Dual Xeon 5450 Quad Core 3.0GHz
+ Dual Processor Quad Core
+ 16GB RAM
+ 2x 300GB 15K RPM SAS Drive
+ raid drive controller in raid 0
+ 2TB Monthly Transfer
+ rack connection
+ 1000mbps Uplink

Software Configuration:
Management: WHM/CPanel
Web Server: Apache 2.2
PHP: 5.5 (current stable version at time of post)

Apache Security Modules:
– Mod_Security
– Suhosin
– Firewall

Apache Built-In Modules:
– Asis
– Expires
– Fileprotect
– Frontpage
– Headers
– MemCache
– Mime Magic
– Mod SuPHP
– Proxy
– UniqueId

PHP Core Modules:
– Bcmath
– Calendar
– CurlSSL
– Curlwrappers
– GD
– Gettext
– Iconv
– Imap
– Magic Quotes
– Mbregex
– Mbstring
– Mcrypt
– Mhash
– Mime Magic
– MySQL “Improved” extension
– Openssl
– Path Info Check
– Pear
– Sockets
– TTF (FreeType)
– Zip
– ZLib

PHP Caching Modules:
– EAccelerator
– Zend Optimizer
– Memcache

PHP Extended Modules:
– IonCube Loaders

Graphics Manipulation Software:
– GD, GD2
– ImageMagic

NOTE: Server configuration may be different depending on who configured the server. Also there may be some other modules installed on the system, or some of the listed disabled depending on current php hardening configuration. Although this should be the general configuration.

My Website installation is asking me for MySQL database info?

Most Content Management Systems (CMS) powered Websites require MySQL database on installation. This database can be created using the following:

Video Tutorial

go to CPanel, then locate “MySQL Databases” panel.
1) create new Database (enter text like db or web)
2) create new USERname (enter text user name and password)
3) give rights for this (select Database User Name) over (select Database Name from drop-down menu), check give all rights.


Now, note that the username and database name have been prefixed by your CPanel username and underline. Make sure you copy that to the website installation prompt the exact same way.

If you still get error you then most probably you missed a step or you typed the username and database name without the correct prefix.

PHP Config: upload_max_filesize limits

The PHP configuration for uploading files via PHP is generally limited to 16MB per upload instance which happens only if you try to upload via HTTP form more than 16mb file.

This setting has been limited in size because if not limited then a misc user can upload huge amount of “temporary” files and fill in the hard drive with spam thus crash the server.

If you need this limit increased you can safely do so by changing the PHP Variable for “upload_max_filesize” in the CPanel-> “PHP Variables Manager”

You can safely set it from 16mb up to 200mb.

If you are not familiar with CPanel File Manager please check out this tutorial here.