What are Name Servers:

The name servers setting on the domain name is what points the domain name to resolve to a particular web hosting server. Each server has its’ own pair of name servers which are unique.

How to change your name servers:
In order to change the name servers you must login to the Domain Management account with your active domain name registrar (may be your old hosting company or domain registrars such as GoDaddy.com, Enom.com, NetworkSolutions.com or others).

Alternative hosting option if you have DNS zone control option:
If you don’t want to point the name servers you must have DNS Zone Editing options. If so you can direct each entry to the IP address shown in your account and use CPanel->Subdomains *(Manager Tool) with the server settings on your account with us.

How to change Name Servers for GoDaddy.com registered domains

Login to your GoDaddy account
Click My Account
Click Manage Domains
Click on the domain name
Click the Nameservers icon that’s on top.
Click on Custom Name Servers
Change the Name Servers to the ones we’ve specified in the Maiahost Account Information welcome letter.

You’re done

After the change is done, you will not be able to immediately access the website/domain if you had previously accessed your website within the past 6-12 hours. This is called DNS re-caching delay. If you don’t want to wait you can try to force DNS refresh on your local computer.

How to Force DNS Cache update on Windows Computer:

go to your Desktop or Control Panel
select My Network Places and right click to see the sub-menu
click on Properties and a new menu will appear
select Local Area Connection (may be different if you don’t run shared internet with router) and hit the Repair button

NOTE: This will refresh your local dns cache, but if your Internet Provider has caching enabled then it may not update the proper dns values and you still won’t be able to access the website until the ISP dns cache is updated.