Q: What is CMS?
A: CMS is the short for Content Management System. This is basically a pre-made website software that you can modify/add text and images. Generally CMS is for everyone who does not know much about web development but wants to build own website.

Q: I see you offer different CMS software. Which one is the best?
A: There is no best or worst. Eeach CMS is made with a pupose. For example WordPress is developed as Blogging Software, Joomla is for Company websites, SMF is made for website forums, Gallery 2 for Photo Albums and so on. There are more than 100 different scripts that we offer.

Q: What is the best blogging script your company offers?
A: The most popular and easy to manage is WordPress. We also offer a bit more professional ones as TYPO3, but in general wordpress is considered the best.

Q: I want to build a small website for my company which CMS should I choose?
A: In general Joomla is very flexible and is suggested to companies.

Q: Is it possible to have both Joomla and WordPress on my account?
A: Yes, you can have up to 5 different scripts installed at a time. You can choose the main website one from the signup page and install the rest via the CPanel->Softaculos or contact our tech support team to install it for you.

Q: Can I install/remove CMS scripts on my own somehow?
A: Yes, we have the Softaculos CMS Installer/Remover and Updater inside CPanel. It offers 30 of the most popular CMS software. You can install, test and later on remove any script to your account.

Q: Can you move my existing CMS to my new account with maiahost?
A: Yes, if its PHP/MySQL then yes. We can transfer it free of charge, just open ticket to “website transfers” and well do it within few hours.