Q: I just subscribed. What now?
A: Usually within few minutes after successful payment you should receive email with your hosting account information subject “Maiahost Account Information”. This email should include all your passwords for your account with us.

Q: How can I access the CPanel before switching my Domain Name’s name servers?
A: Please use the CPanel IP Address or Host Name link from the account information email.

Q: How can I access my account WWW. website before switching the name servers ?
A: You can do so by overriding your computer’s hosts file with the IP we provided you in the account information email. Read tutorial here

Q: How long does it take for a new registered domain name to be fully accessible?
A: If you haven’t accessed that URL before registering it, you should be able to access it immediately after receiving the account information email. Otherwise you may have DNS caching delay which takes up to 48 hours.

Q: How can I register new domain name with Maiahost.com ?
A: Please open ticket to sales and include the domain name you want to register with us. Upon registration validation, we will provide you payment link and register it.

Q: Can I transfer my existing domain name/s to my account with Maiahost.com?
A: Yes you can if the domain is a .com, .net, .org, .info, .net , but the whole transfer takes up to 7-10 days. To request one please open support ticket from our clients area and provide us with the domain name Authorization Code and ensure it is UNLOCKED for transfer.

Q: Where should I upload my website files? To which FTP folder?
A: For the main domain on this account the public visible part is the /public_html/ folder. If you have Add-On domains then their root folders are selected by you during Add-On domain setup.

Q: I’ve added Add-On domain but can’t locate the website folder. Where should I store the files?
A: The root folder for addon domains are selected during the add-on process. You have two options: a) /public_html/addondomain/ or b) /addondomain/ in both cases you should be able to see them if you FTP the account.