Uploading Website to the Server

Q: Where can I find my FTP information?
A: Your Account Information Email contains the root ftp username and password for your account. Note that the server host is your domain name and the port is 21 (standard).

Q: How can I set up new FTP account for my webmaster?
A: Go to CPanel->FTP Manager then Accounts You must enter username and password, as well as folder which this user will be able to see/upload files in. For website only access please use /public_htm/ or / for full access. Note additional ftp users can be created but they have the main domain name of your account added to the username example: username@mydomain.com. Note that if you add ftp account to an Add-on domain then the ftp username will hold the MAIN domain name instead of the new domain.

Q: How can I upload my website files?
A: You have two options, to use FTP Client software (requires installation on your computer), or via the CPanel->Legacy File Manager web based ftp manager.

Q: Which FTP client you recommend?
A: We use FileZilla which can be downloaded free from http://filezilla-project.org/download.php

Q: Where should I upload my website files?
A: In most cases that will be the /public_html/ folder, all parent folders are NOT publicly visible!

Q: Do I need to change my file/folder permissions to 777 in order to be able to upload via PHP/CMS scripts?
A: No, we use system which does not require any permission changes. Our system requires files to be with 644 and folders with 755 permissions otherwise they will show 500 Internal Server Error

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