example domain: myweb.com

Please note that you have AUTOMATIC email client configuration in your WEBMAIL account. To access this just go to http://www.myweb.com/webmail and you’ll see it on the lower left corner.

Standard Email Connection Settings:

incoming mail server: myweb.com
Outgoing mail server: myweb.com

on more settings:

Outgoing Server: My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication SMTP. Mark below same as incoming email server.

On Advanced: pop3:110, stmp:25, Type Of Encrypted Connection: NONE

For Encrypted Email Connection Settings:

use server name on all instead of your domain name.

Please NOTE that if you can’t SEND emails on standard port 25 then most probably your ISP blocked you. To fix this please change the port from 25 to 26 and reload your Outlook. This setting should allow you to send emails normally.

That should be all.